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VitaLink Additives - VitaLink Bioplus 1ltr


  • VitaLink Additives - VitaLink Bioplus 1ltr
  • VitaLink Additives - VitaLink Bioplus 1ltr

VitaLink Additives – VitaLink Bioplus 1ltr

A vitamin-based root stimulator.

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Quality nutrients and additives; developed and manufactured in the UK. VitaLink products have been on the market for over a decade and are the result of extensive and continuous research with a leading UK university.

The VitaLink mission is to help all growers get the best from their growing, regardless of technique or ability. Their range contains no duplicate additives or enhancers; just individual products designed to boost specific plant processes for an overall higher quality crop; that’s why VitaLink is trusted by both retailers and growers alike.

The benefits of VitaLink plant nutrition

Unique products – Unlike other nutrient brands, VitaLink grow and bloom nutrients contain phosphorus in the form of both phosphate and phosphite. As well as promoting plant development, phosphite stimulates the plant’s own pathogen (defence) mechanisms, reducing the risk of root disease, such as Pythium and Phytophthora.

Healthier plants – all VitaLink nutrients contain vitamin B1 helps to keep plants disease free and reduce transplant stress.

Simplicity – no duplicate additives or enhancers in the range; easy to use and reduces risk of overfeeding.

Made for UK growers – Hard water and soft water nutrient formulas designed specifically for UK water.

vitalink bioplus

VitaLink BioPlus is made up of an assortment of vitamins and hormones which initiate fast and healthy root growth – essential for overall plant development and large yield!

High concentration of B vitamins means BioPlus is used by many growers as a stress reliever throughout their plant’s lifecycle, particularly during transplant.


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