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Plagron Growing Media - Plagron Bat Guano


  • Plagron Growing Media - Plagron Bat Guano
  • Plagron Growing Media - Plagron Bat Guano

Plagron Growing Media – Plagron Bat Guano

A flowering stimulator for the organic grower!

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High quality nutrients and additives from the soil specialists! Plagron offer a complete range of liquids for the organic grower and, with the introduction of the Terra and Cocos Concepts, have extended their range to cater for growers looking for maximum yield on both soil and coco.

Plagron have been developing and supplying organic soils for over two decades and their products are tried and trusted across the whole of Europe. With a comprehensive range of blends, each with their own specific nutritional content, there is a Plagron soil for every organic grower.

The benefits of Plagron soils:

Soil specialists – Plagron are a substrates company first and foremost. Their soil mixes are the result of years of research and development and their commercial interests include managing soil quality on the playing pitches at Ajax and Feyenoord football clubs!

100% organic – For growers looking for a completely organic programme, Plagron soils contain only organic matter and are neither sterilised or steamed – processes which can destroy structure and organic life.

Biosupermix – Plagron’s heavily fertilised soils – All Mix, Bat Mix and Royalty Mix – contain Biosupermix; a time release fertiliser that provides complete and balanced nutrition during the growth cycle.

The benefits of Plagron plant nutrition:

Additional revenue growers that prefer to grow on heavily fertilised, organic soil may not need base nutrients, but will still purchase organic additives.

Choice loyal Plagron followers can experiment with different growing media and feeding techniques thanks to the introduction of the different Plagron concepts.

Plagron Bat Guano

Organic Bat Guano has a high phosphorus content, sprinkle on soil during the flowering stage for increased yield and quality. No need for mineral based flowering stimulators.

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