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Photon PRO 084 (240w) LED Grow Light


  • Photon PRO 084 (240w) LED Grow Light
  • Photon PRO 084 (240w) LED Grow Light

Photon PRO 084 (240w) LED Grow Light

Each cluster has 21 High output 3W leds.Uses new Lens(penetration convex style), increase 30%.84 x 3W High-Power LED’s

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Photon PRO 84 240w

PressRelease – Quantum’s Photon PRO Series LED Grow Light

Theoptimum choice for serious growers

IntroducingQuantum’s PhotonPRO X3 Series LED Grow Light, featuring Double Lenstechnology and a finely  tuned spectrum specifically designedfor maximum production and density!

The84X4 is the most powerful commercial LED Grow Light available for 2 X 2ft areas, with PAR output exceeding a 400W HPS!

Using new isolated, modular power supplies to save power this unit provides deep penetration using 21 x 3w Bridglux(USA) LED’s in each cluster.  These LEDs provide a very high intensity, penetrating and effective light. .
The new redesigned wiring improves reliability and provides for easy maintenance. The Photon PRO 84 saves on wattage, cooling, and bulb replacement costs, and it does not contain any highly toxic mercury, unlike all HID and CFL bulbs.

Quantum led grow lights are the most comprehensive range of lights available for growing the biggest and healthiest plants guaranteed! You will understand why people say HID is a thing of the past when you plug in the BUD BOOSTER with Double Lens technology for Maximum Penetration
This has had a huge effect by almost doubling the efficiency of the lights by 30% in some areas. In the past you could put LED lights right over your plants but these lights must be kept a minimum of 2.5 to 3ft above your plants or you will have bleached leaves because the lights  are powerful.

Read on to learn why there is no better choice for any grower.

Have the advantage over the competition. You now have the ability to produce the maximum amount of crops by taking advantage of the units ability to recreate the perfect spectrum of light that plants respond to.

Plus more new features to make your farm increase productivity, profitability and time to market. The quicker your plants grow, the faster you can sell them.

·       Isolated power supply Driver protects the LED’s from receiving too much electrical

·       Dual Core, double plated heat sink design increasing cooling for virtually no heat!

·       Plug and play engineering, if anything goes wrong we will have the replacement parts to you in about a weeks’ time, there is no need to send your fixture to anybody!

·       Detachable power cord – 8 foot lengths. Staged, delay power up. This makes sure your light is at the most optimal operating temperature preceding to lighting one single diode!

·       provides savings on wattage, cooling, and bulb replacement costs, and it does not contain any highly toxic mercury, unlike all HID and CFL

·      Switch Fuse to protect the whole lamp making it safer to use

Join the thousands of growers worldwide that take advantage of the new innovative product designs to guarantee maximum yields and order the 200W LED Grow Light today

Quantum’s Photon  pro Series LED Grow Light

–  Even More reasons to buy

·      100% of light emission is absorbed and converted directly into photosynthesising and enhancing your plants

·      Energy costs reduced by up to 80% directly reducing the cost of your grow

·      No heat produced and no one knows you are growing

·      Less drying out of soil and does not cause damage to young seedlings.

·      Not only is your Plant yield increased, but you have healthier plants

·      Plant flavour is dramatically increased.

And there’s more..


You also save on the wattage usage

You save on cooling costs and

You also save on bulb replacement costs

Plus it is environment-friendly, staying true to the original ethos of growers, no harmful substance like HPS & MH are released into the environment and there is no hazardous waste to dispose.

Designed for Fast Growth and Maximum Yield

With over four years of development and testing, the technology and design of the Penetrator pro Series is proven to produce the growth of the biggest and healthiest plants guaranteed!  All Penetrator pro series include

Diverse angled lenses that spread light from 60-90 degrees in precise nanometre ranges.

This ensures maximum canopy penetration.

7 Band Spectrum: 440nm, 460nm, 525nm, 630nm,660nm, 730nm and warm white 3000k.

This advanced spectrum provides the fastest growth from seed through flower

Uses new Lens(penetration convex style),

increase 30%. creating Maximum yields, Huge dense flowers, and fruits

Quality 3watt LED diodes available, produced by Bridgelux,

Each cluster of these high end LED’s has 21 High power 3W leds.

The new double lens performs very well with the 3W LED chips, increasing efficiency by 30%. Coverage has never been better, the double lens takes care of this.

The design also uses huge dual ball-bearing fans giving a high throughput over the new design heatsink. Along with the generous ventilation, this give great cooling efficiency with less noise.