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ONA Gel in 20 Liter Pail


  • ONA Gel in 20 Liter Pail
  • ONA Gel in 20 Liter Pail

ONA Gel in 20 Liter Pail

ONA PRO is new and exciting.

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ona gel is formulated to evaporate a consistent amount of odor control. Simply open the lid and place in desired location. Regulate strength by exposing more or less surface to the air.

ona gel can be used with the storm, odorstop, carbon-air or breeze to ensure uniform distribution of odor neutralizer in the area to be treated.

The ONA Gel is one of our most popular products. We spent many years developing a blend of ONA Liquid and various suspension elements to result in a product that has excellent dispersion qualities. The ONA odor neutralizing agents are released in a controlled manner so that every drop of this excellent product is fully optimized.

Product Sizes

ONA Gel is available in the following sized containers:

  • One Litre Jar (32 oz) – for general use; just open the lid and place where odors are prevalent.
  • Four Litre Pail (1 US Gal) – dispense with ONA Breeze or puncture lid for light application.
  • Four Litre Jar (1 US Gal) – dispense with ONA Breeze or ONA Odorstop (higher volume).
  • Twenty Litre Pail (5 US Gal) – dispense with ONA Storm or refill smaller containers.
  • Thirty Litre Pail (8 US Gal) – dispense with ONA Carbon-Air or refill smaller containers.

Available in two popular scents: Fresh Linen, Polar Crystal.

If Something Smells Bad – It’s Time for ONA!

Everyone who uses it knows…ona works great to make those bad smells disappear. Pets, plants, garbage, smoke, germs, mildew – all submit to the power of ona.

ona is a series of complex formulas, using essential oil technology, that are designed to simplify your odor control management. They attack, neutralize and destroy a wide spectrum of organic and non-organic odors.

ona can be applied to solids, liquids or dispensed through the air – in small or large volumes. You can tackle any odor problem with ona—we’re so confident in our product!

ona products are non-toxic and environmentally safe—reducing work safety concerns and allowing for aggressive odor management programs.

ona – odor neutralizing agent is manufactured by Odorchem and distributed by many major distributors across North America. In 2006, new distributors are being established in the UK.

If you have an odor problem; of virtually any type, use ona. ona will effectively eliminate it.


This semi-solid block of odor neutralizing agent slowly releases ona to eliminate any airborne odors.


ona gel comes in 1 litre, 4 litre jar (shown), 4 liter pail and 20 liter pails.


Polar Crystal (PC) – Fresh Linen(FL)


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