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ONA Bleach 'A' 1L


  • ONA Bleach 'A' 1L
  • ONA Bleach 'A' 1L

ONA Bleach ‘A’ 1L

The Ultimate Cleaner. Removes All Biofilm, Mineral Deposits and Organic Material.

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Safe. Powerful. Effective. Easy to  Flush – diluted residue is plant safe.

ONA Bleach is a potent hydroponics cleaning and decalcification system.

It will clear spaghetti lines, reservoirs, clay beds and other bed bases from biofilm, calcium, magnesium and mineral deposits and undesirable organics.

Pump through the system until clean then flush with water. Mild dilution of ONA bleach will not harm plants or roots.

Simply combine equal parts of ONA bleach (A) with ONA bleach (B), let mixture activate for 10 minutes and then add to water to make desired solution (Bleach to water – 1:1000 = 50ppm). Use within 6 hours of preparing solution. Circulate through your system for 30 to 60 minutes. For best results in dissolving salt and mineral build up, circulate for up to 12 hours.


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