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Harvest Master Relay


  • Harvest Master Relay
  • Harvest Master Relay

Harvest Master Relay

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Harvest Master Relays and RCA Modules allows your system to grow with you!

The Harvest Master systems work using RCA plugs to trigger devices or take in device data from trigger points you select.

Using the RCA Multi adaptor you can make a single inlet/outlet a 4 way outlet. Alternatively, use another one and daisy-chain together to make it a 7 way outlet, each one operating its own relay (12 amps), which in turn operate lights, fans, air-conditioners etc. The only limit is your imagination (up to a point given you need an electricity supply that will support your ambitions of course!).

The 240v 12amp Relays plug in to the mains and are triggered on/off using the RCA’s above. Each relay should be plugged in to it’s own source of energy, to avoid overloading your mains supply and circuit maximums.

Always get a suitably qualified person to install mains electricity circuits.