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Flood POTZ 4


  • Flood POTZ 4
  • Flood POTZ 4

Flood POTZ 4

Flood Potz hydroponics systems are designed to flood with a nutrient solution to moisten the media and feed the plants through their roots, whilst air is pumped directly below the mesh baskets to aerate the solution, media and plant roots, leaving them su

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The Flood 4 Potz is a hydroponics flood and drain unit that floods the Potz to moisten the growing media and roots, whilst air is pumped directly inside as well.

A common problem with many flood and drain systems is the time it takes to flood, which can slowly affect the growth of the roots if they are regularly submerged for too long in an un-aerated solution.

The Flood 4 Potz cleverly overcomes this problem with the supply of fresh air being pumped directly to the bottom of the mesh baskets, aerating the solution, media and of course the roots. The clever design also means that no expensive timing equipment is required, just a 15 minute plug timer will do, as the overflow pipes allow the pump to run for long periods without the solution flooding onto your floor.

To flood the system with air pumped in, plug a 2 way extension lead into a 15 minute plug timer and connect the air pump and flood pump so they both turn on at the same time. This will aerate the Flood Potz as they fill with the nutrient solution. Once they both turn off the solution will simply drain back into the tank below through special drain filters which helps to prevent any roots entering the pipes and blocking them.

Flood 4 Potz – 50 litre tank

Dimensions: (H,W,D) 40 x 68 x 78cm