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Dutch Master Gold Range ADD.27 Flower


  • Dutch Master Gold Range ADD.27 Flower
  • Dutch Master Gold Range ADD.27 Flower

Dutch Master Gold Range ADD.27 Flower

The Worlds First Specialised Nutrient Activator!

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Gold Range ADD.27

Available in:
Grow, Flower
1 Litre, 5 Litres, 20 Litres
Use From Beginning Of Grow To The End Of Flower.
The Worlds First Specialised Nutrient Activator!
Significantly Improves Your Nutrients Performance!
Clinically Proven And Field Tested With Amazing Results!
New – Anti-Stress Protein Based Chelation Technology!
Works With All Nutrients, In All Systems And All Mediums!
It’s what every grower has been waiting his whole life for and now it’s finally here! The newest and most exciting addition to our revolutionary stable of Gold Range high performance products – Gold Range ADD.27 !


Gold Range ADD.27 is unlike any mineral based additive you have ever used before! Gold Range ADD.27 is the world’s first Specialized Mineral and Amino Acid based additive that optimizes your nutrient and ADD’s dramatically – TO ITS PERFORMANCE!

Feeding your plants regular mineral based fertilizers is a hit and miss affair. Rarely, if at all, do these mineral based fertilizers ever deliver close to 100% of their true potential. Gold Range ADD.27 is designed to take your regular mineral fertilizer and, through our special protein based chelating technology, deliver a more effective and powerful mineral nutrition, via optimized cytoplasmic streaming, at the time it is most needed – unlocking your nutrients real power and ADDing power to your results.

Gold Range ADD.27 adds power to your regular nutrient or mineral based supplements by helping to optimize the rate of cytoplasmic streaming. Put simply, the cytoplasmic stream is like a fluid based conveyor belt within the plant that delivers all the minerals, enzymes, co-factors etc that the plant requires to grow and develop naturally, right into the cell. Quite often, through external influences eg. pH shift, temperature etc, this conveyor belt can be slow and un-optimized resulting in very average results. Optimized cytoplasmic streaming allows your nutrients and additives to work at their intended performance level – delivering to you, your plants full natural genetic potential!

Gold Range ADD.27 is your best bet in providing the specialized mineral nutrition and phyto-nutrients your plants need, to deal with the day to day pressures put on them. Unwanted plant stress can sometimes cause a big reduction in yields and can come from a variety of sources, excess heat or humidity, over feeding etc. What a great all round product! Gold Range ADD.27’s high performance action performs equally well in any media or any system – truly universal! Try it today and unlock the power in your garden! As the name says – Gold Range ADD.27 !

To use Gold Range ADD.27, simply follow these easy guidelines!
Fill your reservoir or tank to 2/3rds of its capacity.
Add Gold Range ADD.27 at the rate of 3 ml to every 1 litre of water or 11.4 ml to every 1 gallon of water from the beginning of week 1 in grow right through until the end of flower.
Add any other additives such as Gold Range POTASH+, Gold Range ZONE and Gold Range SILICA after Gold Range ADD.27.
Add your primary nutrient such as ADVANCE, ORIGINAL, Gold Range ONE or Gold Range NUTRIENT, stirring well to mix. Please note – Gold Range POTASH+ is not to be used with Gold Range NUTRIENT as Gold Range NUTRIENT provides all the phosphorus the plants need during flowering.
Top up your reservoir or tank with water to its final level or volume and check the nutrient strength using a TDS (PPM or EC) meter. If required, add more nutrients until you arrive at the correct nutrient strength. If your nutrient solution is too strong then add fresh water until you arrive at the correct nutrient strength.
Adjust pH to approximately 5.5 for Rockwool, Perlite, Clay, Vermiculite, Aeroponics, DWC, NFT, Hydro or Coco users or 5.9 for dirt or soilless systems such as Promix or Sunshine mix.
Feed according to your systems normal requirements.
DO NOT use MAX if you are using Gold Range ADD.27 because Gold Range ADD.27 is the next level of technology and contains all the ingredients of MAX with new ground breaking discoveries that makes Gold Range ADD.27 the most advanced tank additive ever produced!
Your nutrient is now supercharged and ready to go!


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