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Dark Room II DR240 Wide Grow Tent


  • Dark Room II DR240 Wide Grow Tent
  • Dark Room II DR240 Wide Grow Tent

Dark Room II DR240 Wide Grow Tent

Dark Room DR 240w Grow Tent mk2 DR 240 measures 240cm(w) x 120cm(d) x 200cm(h)

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Dark Room DR 240w Grow Tent mk2


DR 240 measures 240cm(w) x 120cm(d) x 200cm(h)

These Beautiful designed secret garden(darkroom) growtents are fully lined with mylar which is something often missing from other growtents. The Darkroom has a very sturdy construction, the frame being strong aluminium.

The Darkroom is also completely lightproof, due to the heavy duty lightproof tips and double sealed cuffs on inlets and outlets. Of course the Darkroom has space to hang your lights, fans and other equipment. It is easy to assemble and comes in a compact carry case.


The Dark Room Dr 240 has a thermal film finish that offers 97% thermal protection.

The Dark Room Grow Room is the most advanced grow tent available. It is the first line of grow tents to utilize thermal film on the interior, which is highly reflective, waterproof and extremely insulative (offering 97% reflection and thermal protection). This film is also non-toxic and won’t release any harmful gasses that can damage sensitive plants. The Dark Room also utilizes innovative, adjustable Dual-Sock Ports that enable the grower to attach equipment or ducting to both sides of the tent while maintaining a lightproof environment, and doesn’t require the use of clamps or tools.

* Highly Reflective Material
significant increase in reflectivity for improved lighting performance
* Thermally Protected
reflects 97% of all radiant heat for superior insulation
* Completely Non-Toxic
will not react under light and heat
* Light-Proof Material
prevent light from escaping or entering for controlled light cycles
* Movable Roof Cross Members
easily adjust lighting and accessories
* Easy Assembly and Disassembly
includes carrying bag for portability
* Dual-Sock Ports for cords, fans, and filter attachments
no more clamps or reducers needed!
* Solid Construction
supports 140lbs on the cross members


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