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Alpha-Mix 50 ltr


  • Alpha-Mix 50 ltr
  • Alpha-Mix 50 ltr

Alpha-Mix 50 ltr

Alpha Mix is a professional soil mix, formulated by a noted European agronomist and blended from carefully chosen organic ingredients.

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Alpha-Mix is blended from:

Careful selections of black peat and white sphagnum peat extracted from sustainable Baltic sources.

Natural lime.

Pure worm casts.

Blended organic nutrients for early growth.

Volcanic lava sand for enhanced drainage.

This is a sensational development in professional soil formulation. Alpha-Mix is significantly drier than other soils on the market. It is designed to offer maximum aeration to the root zone and to resist waterlogging. This is the characteristic that delivers faster and more vigorous growth, and is a product of the careful professional approach to the formulation of this product.

Professionally formulated for Growth Technology by experts.

Supercharged with organic nutrients for explosive growth.

Contains lime to stabilise pH.

Designed for optimal aeration of root zone.

Contains pure worm manure for long term fertility.

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