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4 Way Contactors Timer


  • 4 Way Contactors Timer
  • 4 Way Contactors Timer

4 Way Contactors Timer

For grow rooms with more lights choose our profesional heavy duty contactors with higher wattage capabilities. These units are built with contactors instead of relays, so that they can handle larger HID lighting loads

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4 way Professional
Contactor timer

The Green Power 4 way Professional contactor timer is great for four light grow rooms with a maximum input load of 4000 watt. These units utilise a heavy duty professional contactor and a professional grasslin timer. The 4 way contactor timer has a handy built in hanging bracket and can be screwed onto the wall. The back plate is galvanised and riveted on to the unit, two power lead is needed to power the full unit.

Key Features:

  • Known For Many Years As The Benchmark In Quality & Reliability
  • Heavy Duty Contactor & Internal Wiring
  • World Renowned Professional Grasslin Timer
  • Built To Strict C.E. Standards
  • Also Built To Canatronics Exacting Standards Under Licence
  • Assembled & Manufactured Entirely In The U.K.
  • No Trailing Sockets
  • Switchable Sockets
  • Handy Hanging Bracket
  • Rubberised HO7RNF Cable
    (Utilising this cable means light rays will not degrade it over time)
  • Moulded Plugs
  • Unique Design And Robust Metal Housing
  • 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty