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  • ActiveAir 2 Way MeterActiveAir 2 Way Meter

    ActiveAir 2 Way Meter

    Gardeners can conveniently test their moisture and pH levels with this handy ActiveAir 2 Way Meter.

  • ActiveAir 3 Way MeterActiveAir 3 Way Meter

    ActiveAir 3 Way Meter

    Gardeners can conveniently test their moisture, light, and pH levels with this handy ActiveAir 3 Way Meter.

  • Bluelab Cleaning and Calibration KitsBluelab Cleaning and Calibration Kits

    Bluelab Cleaning and Calibration Kits

    These great kits from Bluelab contain everything needed for simple and effective maintenance of meters – including detailed instructions.

  • Bluelab Combo MeterBluelab Combo Meter

    Bluelab Combo Meter

    The Bluelab Combo Meter is a conductivity, pH and temperature meter all in one. It is supplied with quality EC, temperature and pH probes.

  • Bluelab Dosetronic Nutrient ControllerBluelab Dosetronic Nutrient Controller

    Bluelab Dosetronic Nutrient Controller

    The Bluelab Dosetronic will keep tight control of your vital nutrient solution levels automatically so you will have the freedom to tend to your crops daily needs.

  • Bluelab Guardian MonitorBluelab Guardian Monitor

    Bluelab Guardian Monitor

    In just one glance the Guardian Monitor measures all three critical parameters to successful growth; pH, conductivity and temperature.

  • Bluelab pH MeterBluelab pH Meter

    Bluelab pH Meter

    The Bluelab pH Meter is used to accurately measure the pH value of a solution.

  • Bluelab Soil pH Meter/ProbeBluelab Soil pH Meter/Probe

    Bluelab Soil pH Meter/Probe

    Used to measure the pH level of soil, media or substrates.

  • Bluelab TruncheonBluelab Truncheon

    Bluelab Truncheon

    The world’s favourite nutrient meter!

  • Calibration Solution - C1000 Calibrating SolutionCalibration Solution - C1000 Calibrating Solution

    Calibration Solution – C1000 Calibrating Solution

    The C1000 calibration solution allows growers to get the optimum performance from their meters by re-calibrating periodically.

  • Conductivity Standard 1.413Conductivity Standard 1.413

    Conductivity Standard 1.413

    Solutions of a known electrical conductivity (EC).

  • Conductivity Standard 2.76Conductivity Standard 2.76

    Conductivity Standard 2.76

    Solutions of a known electrical conductivity (EC).