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  • Beastie BloomzBeastie Bloomz

    Beastie Bloomz

    Beastie Bloomz® Soluble Fertilizer (0-50-30) Heavyweight Blossom Builder for Gardeners and Hydroponic Grower

  • Beneficials Bio-Link PlusBeneficials Bio-Link Plus

    Beneficials Bio-Link Plus

    Living beneficial microbes and fungi.

  • BioBizz Alg-A-MicBioBizz Alg-A-Mic

    BioBizz Alg-A-Mic

    An organic pick-me-up for stressed and yellowed plants.

  • BioBizz BioHeavenBioBizz BioHeaven

    BioBizz BioHeaven

    Plant Energy – Coffee for plants.

  • BioBizz TopMaxBioBizz TopMax

    BioBizz TopMax

    Humic, Fulvic, 7 Natural hormone based bloom stimulants.

  • BioHarvest Bio-Stimulant 100gBioHarvest Bio-Stimulant 100g

    BioHarvest Bio-Stimulant 100g

    Root Growth Promoter.

  • Blossom Blood 20gBlossom Blood 20g

    Blossom Blood 20g

    Concentrated powdered flowering enhancer.

  • BoontabudBoontabud


    Remember the old product SUPERBUD? Well this product is very similar but better!

    Buntabud will massively increase flower/fruit or bud weight!

  • Bud LinkBud Link

    Bud Link

    A source of silicon for your plant.

  • Buddhas  Tree PK 9-18Buddhas  Tree PK 9-18

    Buddhas Tree PK 9-18

    Buddhas Tree PK 9-18 250ml, based on the original 9-18 Hammerhead, with extras. Not only is Buddhas Tree a highly concentrated PK booster, it also contains enzymes that break down any dead or disease roots keeping the good ones healthy.

  • Cha ChingCha Ching

    Cha Ching

    FoxFarm engineered Cha Ching® to maximize a plant’s production.

  • Clockwork 18/6 Root MassClockwork 18/6 Root Mass

    Clockwork 18/6 Root Mass

    Designed to be used in all substrates and hydroponics systems.