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  • Algen ExtractAlgen Extract

    Algen Extract

    Algen Extract
    250 ML £15
    Algen Extract is one of the best kept secrets in the House & Garden range. Extracted from seaweed, it is a powerful growth stimulator. It contains large amounts of the necessary micro and macro nutrients that your plants need,

  • Amino TreatmentAmino Treatment

    Amino Treatment

    Using Amino Treatment guarantees abundant growth and explosive flowering of your plants. After many years of research, House & Garden presents this revolutionary growth and flowering booster.

  • Aqua FlakesAqua Flakes

    Aqua Flakes

    Aqua Flakes Grow A & B

    Recirculating system specific nutrient
    price per liter £15

  • Attack force 1ltrAttack force 1ltr

    Attack force 1ltr

    Attack Force

    House & Garden Attac Force is a completely ecological and biodegradable product for the control of pests within your growing area. Effective against pests such as mites, aphids, fungi and white fly.

  • Bat Mix SpecialBat Mix Special

    Bat Mix Special

    Bat Special is House & Garden’s premium quality soil mix.

  • Bud XLBud XL

    Bud XL

    Bud XL

    House & Garden Bud XL has the unique ability to extract sugars from the leaves of the plant and transfer them to the fruit. The fruit is made sweeter and its taste is improved.

  • Cell enhancer 1ltrCell enhancer 1ltr

    Cell enhancer 1ltr

    Cell Enhancer

    A revolutionary new product from House and Garden. Cell Enhancer will promote healthy, rapid growth when used from the first day of planting.

    Plants fed with Cell enhancer will have a much stronger foundation on which to grow, and wil

  • Coco A + B BloomCoco A + B Bloom

    Coco A + B Bloom

    Coco Bloom A & B

    Coco specific Nutrient

  • Coco Grow A & BCoco Grow A & B

    Coco Grow A & B

    Coco fibre growing medium is known for its capillary action, it retains water and nutrients for a long period of time. For this reason cultivation in Coco requires a very well balanced main feed.

  • Drip cleanDrip clean

    Drip clean

    Drip Clean

    House & Garden Drip Clean is a must for anyone using a drip irrigation system such as Auto pots or an IWS dripper system, as well as all other types of drip fed system.

  • House cleaner 1ltrHouse cleaner 1ltr

    House cleaner 1ltr

    House Cleaner

    House & Garden House Clean is a completely ecological and biodegradable room cleaning product. Very effective against mites, aphids, fungi, mould viruses and bacteria, without adding any harsh chemicals to your growing environment.

  • Hydro bloomHydro bloom

    Hydro bloom

    Hydro Bloom A & B

    Run to waste specific nutrient