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  • Bio BalancerBio Balancer

    Bio Balancer

    Use for combating root diseases organically & optimizing nutrient uptake

  • Clone StartClone Start

    Clone Start

    Your clones are the foundation of your crop. Too often, a crop doesn’t meet expectations because the clones didn’t get a good enough start in life.

  • Essential NitroEssential Nitro

    Essential Nitro

    Use for boosting low nitrogen levels and stimulating vigorous growth
    Are your plants looking a bit pale

  • Head MastaHead Masta

    Head Masta


    Head Masta acts in four ways to increase both yield and quality.



    Protects against and stops water nats

  • PMT Residue RemoverPMT Residue Remover

    PMT Residue Remover

    Have you ever noticed white deposits on your plants’ leaves? If so, these may be calcium deposits from hard water

  • Regen-A-RootRegen-A-Root


    Do you know how many diseases are waiting to attack the roots of your hydroponic crop? The effect of root disease can be mild through to devastating.

  • Spotless  ConcentrateSpotless  Concentrate

    Spotless Concentrate

    Spotless is a highly effective and non toxic way to solve your plants problems.

  • SpraysafeSpraysafe


    The average grow room seems clean but there are numerous aerial toxins affecting your plants.

    There are the ones you can see such as dust and dirt. There also the ones you can’t see also for spidermites and pests

  • Superior PotashSuperior Potash

    Superior Potash

    Are you looking for heavier flowers? You’ve grown your crop through the vegetative stage and now you are ready to turn the lights down and let it begin its flowering stage.

  • Ultimate Indoor Coco BloomUltimate Indoor Coco Bloom

    Ultimate Indoor Coco Bloom

    Ultimate Indoor for Coco is the user friendly nutrient for today’s busy growers.

  • Ultimate Indoor Coco GrowUltimate Indoor Coco Grow

    Ultimate Indoor Coco Grow

    Ultimate Indoor for Coco is the user friendly nutrient for today’s busy growers.