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  • Canna Aqua Clay PebblesCanna Aqua Clay Pebbles

    Canna Aqua Clay Pebbles

    CANNA Aqua Clay Pebbles are baked clay pellets for growing plants in recirculating hydroponic systems.

  • Gold Label 50/50 Clay pebbles /GrodanGold Label 50/50 Clay pebbles /Grodan

    Gold Label 50/50 Clay pebbles /Grodan

    GOLD LABEL 50/50 mix

    The Ultimate hydro mix! 50% Gold Label hydro pebbles and 50% Grodan granulate, combines the free draining nature of clay with the absorbency, sterility and consistency of rockwool. Trials by an industry magazine have shown using

  • Gold Label Hydro PebblesGold Label Hydro Pebbles

    Gold Label Hydro Pebbles

    GOLD LABEL Hydro clay Pebbles

    High quality, uniquely shaped, RHP certified clay pebbles. These 8-16 mm uneven pebbles provide a free draining, highly oxygenated root zone and unparalleled stability. The unique uneven shape is an ideal surface for roots

  • Gold Label Hydrokorrel Clay pebblesGold Label Hydrokorrel Clay pebbles

    Gold Label Hydrokorrel Clay pebbles

    GOLD LABEL Hydroton Clay

    Lightweight, inert and completely uniform in shape. Hydroton clay pebbles offer a free draining, well aerated root zone and are ideal for use in Ebb & Flood or drip irrigation systems.

  • Hydroton Clay pebbles 50ltr bagHydroton Clay pebbles 50ltr bag

    Hydroton Clay pebbles 50ltr bag

    Product Details:
    Please note: 1 bag will be covered on delivery charge but if ordering more than 1 please add media shipping charge for each addtional bag.
    Hydroton Clay pebbles 50L bag.

  • Salivite Perlight 100ltrSalivite Perlight 100ltr

    Salivite Perlight 100ltr

    This is a great medium, it is cheap and lightweight and amazingly effective.