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  • Atami B'Cuzz Coco 50ltrAtami B'Cuzz Coco 50ltr

    Atami B’Cuzz Coco 50ltr

    A light and airy mix with an open structure that promotes rapid root development.

  • BioBizz Organic Soils Coco-MixBioBizz Organic Soils Coco-Mix

    BioBizz Organic Soils Coco-Mix

    Is an organic substrate that can be used in combination with special coco nutrients containing organic minerals.

  • Canna Coco Peat NaturalCanna Coco Peat Natural

    Canna Coco Peat Natural

    CANNA COCO PEAT NATURAL A simple yet effective way of growing. Canna Coco has become very popular in recent years.

  • Canna CoCo proffessional plus 50LCanna CoCo proffessional plus 50L

    Canna CoCo proffessional plus 50L

    CANNA Coco Professional Plus.
    Is a pure, organic product with a Homogeneous structure and has had a full buffering, eliminating the side effects of growing on coir.see product details for in depth description.

  • Canna Coco SlabCanna Coco Slab

    Canna Coco Slab

    Used for growing in pots, Canna Coir is made from the refined husks of coconuts and is very airy for an ample supply of oxygen to your plants.

  • Canna Cogr SlabCanna Cogr Slab

    Canna Cogr Slab

    Coconut Coir is rapidly becoming the media of choice for both soil-less gardeners and soil based gardeners who are concerned about the depletion of rare peat bogs in the world.

  • CoCo PotzCoCo Potz

    CoCo Potz

    coco potz MANUFACTURED BY coco potz.

    The result 10 litres of ready to grow Coco in a self contained disposable pot. Easy!

    New and exclusive to IKON INTERNATIONAL,

  • Compressed Coir BrickCompressed Coir Brick

    Compressed Coir Brick

    Compressed coir brick is ideal for transporting.
    Average weight is 650 grams; each block expands to approximately 8 litres when soaked in water

  • Gold Label 60/40 Clay/Coco  MixGold Label 60/40 Clay/Coco  Mix

    Gold Label 60/40 Clay/Coco Mix

    Gold Label 60/40 Clay / Coco Mix

    The ultimate Ebb & Flood mix! 60/40 is an exclusive mix that offers the free draining capabilities of clay, with the moisture retention and rapid rooting properties of coco. The combination of Gold Label 8-16mm clay peb

  • Gold Label CocoGold Label Coco

    Gold Label Coco


    A high grade, RHP certified coco substrate made from the finest grade of coconut husk. A light and fluffy substrate that contains natural trichoderma which will colonise the root zone and protect against pathogens and other organisms.

  • House & Garden CoCoHouse & Garden CoCo

    House & Garden CoCo


    House & Garden Coco meets all standards of quality set by testing organisations. It gives consistent high standards of quality that users demand.

    All House & Garden Coco undergoes a rigorous process of buffering and cleaning to ensure all impu

  • Plagron Growing Media - Plagron CocoPlagron Growing Media - Plagron Coco

    Plagron Growing Media – Plagron Coco

    A light and well aerated mix of 100% coco fibres.