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  • 1" Rockwool Tray1" Rockwool Tray

    1″ Rockwool Tray

    1″square Rockwool Tray 77 in number on each tray.
    77 1 inch Rockwool pre-formed squares.

  • 1m Rockwool Slab1m Rockwool Slab

    1m Rockwool Slab

    1M Rockwool Slab,
    this is a Semi- solid Rockwool product in a 1 Meter length slab , it comes ready to trim to your own specific requirements.

  • 3" Rockwool Cube3" Rockwool Cube

    3″ Rockwool Cube

    This is a 3inch square Rockwool block, there is a centure hole, already in place to take any small cuttings already, showing root formation.

  • 4" Rockwool Cube4" Rockwool Cube

    4″ Rockwool Cube

    This is a 4inch Rock-wool grow block sutable for larger cuttings.

  • 6" Rockwool Cube6" Rockwool Cube

    6″ Rockwool Cube

    6 inch Rock-wool grow block

  • Alpha-Mix 50 ltrAlpha-Mix 50 ltr

    Alpha-Mix 50 ltr

    Alpha Mix is a professional soil mix, formulated by a noted European agronomist and blended from carefully chosen organic ingredients.

  • Atami ATA Bio Grow MixAtami ATA Bio Grow Mix

    Atami ATA Bio Grow Mix

    A medium fertilised mix, with added worm humus to boost nitrogen content and coco fibres to increase the air / water ratio.

  • Atami ATA Light Mix 50LTRAtami ATA Light Mix 50LTR

    Atami ATA Light Mix 50LTR

    A light and well aerated soil mix, with added perlite for optimum drainage in the root zone.

  • Atami ATA Organics Kilo Mix 50LTRAtami ATA Organics Kilo Mix 50LTR

    Atami ATA Organics Kilo Mix 50LTR

    The daddy of the Atami soil mixes!

  • Atami B'Cuzz Coco 50ltrAtami B'Cuzz Coco 50ltr

    Atami B’Cuzz Coco 50ltr

    A light and airy mix with an open structure that promotes rapid root development.

  • Atami B'Cuzz Hydro Rokz 50 ltrAtami B'Cuzz Hydro Rokz 50 ltr

    Atami B’Cuzz Hydro Rokz 50 ltr

    New from Atami!
    Light weight Clay pebbles sperical in shape to provide a stable structure and a free draining well oxygenated root zone

  • BioBizz Organic Soils All Mix - Soil 50LTRBioBizz Organic Soils All Mix - Soil 50LTR

    BioBizz Organic Soils All Mix – Soil 50LTR

    All-Mix was developed especially to be the best potting soil for organic cultivation.