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What is hydroponics?

Hydroponics is the science of growing plants in a nutrient rich solution, and an inert environment (growing medium) that provides their roots with a good oxygen supply, and sufficient drainage. In practice, this means you can grow healthy plants inside without the need of soil all land, so long as you provide them with the other essential for good growth, light.


Is hydroponic gardening more efficient than soil-based gardening?

Growing plants the hydroponic way can deliver up to 50% extra growth and yield over conventional gardening techniques, and crops generally grow faster too. For example, a typical crop can be ready from taking a cutting to harvesting the final product is little as 12 weeks.


Do I need to be a good gardener to grow hydroponic crops?

No, many of our customers had never frown plants before until they tried the hydroponics system. There are various ways of growing plants hydroponically, known as hydroponic systems, and some are easier than others for beginners. Do feel free to call us for advice on 023 9225 0966 to discuss what might be right to you.


Which hydroponics system is the easiest to use?

We could debate this one for hours and hours! In the end, it depends on what crops you wish to grow, and what space you have available. For details on the main systems, see our hydroponics systems page.


What basic hydroponics equipment do I need?

The hydroponics equipment you require depends on which system you wish to grow your plants in. At a very basic level, all you need are some pots, a water supply, the correct nutrients, and a good lighting system. To make things easier for the amateur hydroponics grower, we sell hydroponic kits, which provide everything you need from grow tents to LED lighting. For details of our hydroponics kits, go to the hydroponics growing kits page.


Do I need to understand chemistry to grow hydroponic crops?

Absolutely not! Today’s hydroponic supplies are carefully balanced to provide the right growing conditions for your plants, whether nutrients, supplement, pH balancers, or growth enhancers. All you need to do is add them in the right concentrations! The only bit of chemistry you will need is to understand is pH. pH is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of any solution or liquid. You will need to control the pH of your nutrient solutions, so we sell electronic pH meters and pH adjustment solutions to help you do this. Ideally, your nutrient solution’s pH should be in the range of 5.4 to 6.7 for ideal growth conditions.


Do I need to heat the water for my hydroponics feeding solutions?

Ideally, your nutrient solution should be about 20°C, so that your plants can properly absorb nutrients and grow healthily.


Why do I need special hydroponic grow lights?

Without a sufficient source of light, your plants will never grow. Hydroponic lighting is designed to emit the best wavelengths of light for optimum growth of your plants. You can also buy hydroponic grow lights that are suitable for different stages of your plant’s growth, such as propagation and fruiting. There are several different hydroponic grow lights available, from LED lights to sodium lights. For full details, see our hydroponic lighting page.


What are grow light reflectors?

Grow light reflectors are designed to maximise the amount of light that reaches your plants leaves. In effect, they are like big mirrors, reflecting the light back from the ceiling towards your plants. Some grow tents have reflective linings that do the same job as reflectors. For more information, see our hydroponic tent kits page.


Will growing hydroponic plants make my house smell?

If you grow any crops indoors, there will be some smell associated, and also the quality of air inside your home will change. Most hydroponic growers use carbon filters to keep the air around their plants cleaned and fresh, and also remove odour. Used in association with hydroponic extractor fans, he’s a highly effective. For more details see our carbon filters and hydroponic extractor fan pages.


What are the benefits of a grow tent?

Grow tents enable you to grow hydroponic crops in almost any space. Grow tents vary in scale from the size of a small wardrobe up to quite large tents suitable for sheds and garages. Our grow tent kits come complete with everything you need to get growing straight out of the box; all you need to add are the seeds!


Do you sell grow room control equipment?

Money Tree Hydroponics sell a wide range of grow room control units. These climate controls can regulate all aspects of the environment in your Groom room, including grow lights, humidity, watering, and temperature regulation equipment such as fans.


What kind of plants can be grown using a hydroponics system?

Almost any crops can be grown hydroponically, but generally growers tend to grow plants that are cost effective, i.e. are cheaper to grow them by the shops! Almost any crop that grows well in the greenhouse will do well when grown hydroponically, including tomatoes, peppers, chillies, strawberries, cucumbers, courgettes, herbs. Some growers also grow flowers and houseplants that thrive in tropical conditions.


Is hydroponic growing better than soil-based growing,?

Hydroponic gardening will never replace regular gardening, but it has advantages over soil-based gardening. The main advantage is that the growing medium is inert, which means it contains no nutrients of its own. You add the right nutrients in just the right concentrations for the plants you want to grow. Since you buy a fresh, clean batch of growing medium rather than just dig it out of the garden, there are no nasty pests or seeds lurking inside it. Since the plant is getting all the nutrients it needs through its roots, the plant will have a smaller root system than if grown outside, and therefore will concentrate its energies on producing more plant mass, flowers or produce.


Do I need pesticides for my hydroponic plants?

Since there are no soil-borne pests, you rarely need any pesticides for your hydroponic plants. Certainly, by growing your own hydroponic produce, you will know exactly what you have added to help your plants grow, unlike buying commercially grown supermarket produce, which may have several pesticides applied to it during its lifetime.


Can I grow organic hydroponic produce?

Technically, by adding additives such as nutrients to the solutions used in hydroponic gardening, you move beyond the traditional definition of organic growing. However, the lack of pesticides and harsh chemicals in most hydroponics gardening means that plants are produced pesticide free and free of chemical residues. Look out for organic hydroponic supplies on this website.


The answer to my question isn’t here. Can you help?

Absolutely! Feel free to call us on 023 9225 0966 with your hydroponic supplies, equipment, and system questions, e-mail us, or why not drop into our hydroponic supplies shop in Hampshire? Full details on our contact us page.