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Welcome to Money Tree Hydroponics

MoneyTree Hydroponics is not just any old online hydroponics shop, we've got everything you need for successful hydroponics growing, including:

  • hydroponics grow lights, including ultra-efficient LED grow lights and CFL grow lights
  • hydroponic grow rooms kits, ready to roll right out of the box, and delivered to your door
  • grow tents

    and grow tent kits for small spaces, tall spaces or even big spaces!
  • hydroponics nutrients & supplements from famous names such as Canna, Advanced Nutrients, Vita Link, GHE (General Hydroponics Europe), Ionic, Bio-Bizz, House & Garden, Atami, Plant Vitality, Growth Technology, Hy-Pro, Master Grower, Hesi, and Growstar.
  • hydroponics systems, including flood and drain (ebb & flow), NFT, aeroponics and vertical growing systems
  • environmental controls, including hydroponics fans, climate controllers, carbon filters and propagators
  • hydroponic growing media; great prices on hydraton clay pebbles, coir (coco), rockwool slabs and soil mixes

Don't see what you need on our site? Email us and we'll try and source it for you pronto! Or call us on 023 9225 0966 - we're happy to help with hydroponics growing and equipment advice too, with a wealth of knowledge on grow tents, LED grow lights and more.

Better still, pop into our hydroponics shop in Waterlooville, near Portsmouth in Hampshire. We’re one of the leading hydroponics shops in Hampshire, with hundreds of products in stock, from quality grow tents to LED grow lights available, and of course, our legendary friendly, free advice from owner Peter and his staff.

We’re just a short drive from Junction 3 of the A3(M) and under 15 minutes drive from the A27 Havant Bypass/A3 junction. So, if you’re looking for hydroponics suppliers in Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex or East Sussex, why not pop along the M27 and see us?

Opening Times;

Mon to Fri 9-  5

Sat 10.00 - 2

This site is currently under construction, if there is a product you cannot find or a product you specifically require, then please call us on the number below or click here to email us.


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